TRACK Remote Learning Matrix

We are pleased to share our redesigned Remote Learning Matrix to support students in this new way of learning. We will continue to follow our PBIS Motto, P.S. 220 Mighty Tigers Stay on Track.

TRACK represents Trustworthy, Respectful, Accountable, Cooperative and Kind. These are the expectations we have highlighted for all members of the P.S. 220 School community. Creating strong leaders and positive members of our community is our goal. The Remote Learning Matrix will support your child while working at home, during online remote learning sessions and completing assignments

Please review the updated Matrix with your child at home and remind them that all school rules remain in place. This includes attending virtual meetings/sessions on time, completing your daily attendance, handing in assignments and following class expectations for learning. By reviewing these expectations with your child, you will help support a positive online school community!

The Safety and Well-being of our children is everyone’s responsibility!

  Home Digital   Classroom Assignments



  • I can be responsible for using my device to complete my work
  • I can create and follow my at home schedule for learning
  • I can use comments and chats to ask questions and answer assigned work
  • I can use the google classroom and the internet to visit assigned sites
  • I can check assignments daily
  • I can complete my assigned work and turn it in to my teachers



  • I can listen and follow my caregivers’ instructions
  • I can be mindful of others at home who are working
  • I can use appropriate language at all times (writing and speaking)
  • I can listen to the teacher and classmate that is speaking
  • I can stay engaged during virtual meetings by listening, sitting up and responding
  • I can have assignments completed and tools ready for class



  • I can wake up in time to complete my attendance
  • I can be ready to attend morning meetings
  • I can make a schedule to help me organize my day
  • I can show up to meetings and sessions on time
  • I can check my classroom stream for important deadlines
  • I can turn in work for all my teachers, including clusters
  • I can turn in assignments when they are due
  • I can ask my teacher questions if I am not sure about an assignment



  • I can get along with family members by working together
  • I can work quietly and with an inside voice
  • I can mute my device and take turns speaking
  • I can actively listen to my peers, teachers and guests
  • I can follow classroom guidelines and rules
  • I can ask for help when I don’t understand
  • I can make comments on the stream that are helpful to myself and others



  • I can remember to take breaks when I need them
  • I can thank those who help me at home and give compliments
  • I can praise my classmates when they do something well
  • I can give nonverbal greetings like smiling, waving, thumbs up when
  • I can use polite words and compliments when leaving a class or private comment
  • I can share helpful information with my teacher and peers (how to post an assignment, etc..)

TRACK – PS 220 Remote Learning Matrix